Custom Programming

Our custom programming department allows our customers to maximize the use of their applications. We work  to make modifications for their specific needs.

Our custom programming department will tailor your POS software to fit your needs.

The purpose of the Custom Programming Department is to give our customers the maximum amount of use out of their applications.

The point of sale / inventory control products that One Step Retail Solutions offers work for many retailers without modifications. For some retail businesses, special adjustments are needed to fit their specific needs.

One Step Retail Solutions’ custom programming department can help customers with these special needs.

These services include:

Custom Reports

Creating custom reports from either the applications we sell or from other databases can be formulated to have any data in the exact format needed to help a customer understand exactly what is happening in their business.

Custom Plug-ins

Creating custom “plug-ins” are mini-applications that can be added to our programs to perform specific operations that are not in the software. Some of these include sending data to other databases, or populating the database of the host application with data from other sources. For some customers, we have also used these plug-ins to help users accomplish tasks faster and with more accuracy.

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We work closely with the customers to customize the program to their specific needs, whether it be inside the program or a custom report, or any special service.

With custom programming we can also:

  • Create special links between your web site and the software
  • Build special exporting capabilities
  • Link to third-party applications
  • Create special payments options

…and much more.

Our programmers will speak with you to enhance the programs to make it easier for you to use and provide you with the tools necessary to help your business grow. Get the most out of your retail management system! One Step Retail Solutions is dedicated to providing you with all the help and information you need, whenever you need it.


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