More successful businesses that choose Retail Pro

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Retailers had so many great things to say about Retail Pro, we thought we would share a few more!


pas de calais“…Retail Pro has been helpful in allowing us to achieve our short term goals of:

  • Build and manage our clientele using Retail Pro’s built in CRM features
  • Create and manage our inventory levels using Retail Pro’s comprehensive inventory audit system and its PI (physical inventory) tool
  • Understand our products life cycle and our targeted marketplace with the use of the sales reports

Our long-term goals are to expand in the US market and develop an e-commerce presence. We will be utilizing Retail Pro to accomplish both.” – pas de Calais

TFL_logo“The alphabetical sorting by first name once you have looked up a customer with the last name “Smith” has been great too. The salesmen have really liked the ability to search all invoices in history by simply changing the date parameters. No more having to hunt through different months trying to guess which month the invoice is from.” – Tile for Less


Luggage_18_Web-1024x682“I would definitely recommend Retail Pro because it offers instant information to me at my fingertips and being educated is one of the most powerful tools to help you service your customers. My team can see exactly where we were last year, on a daily basis, so we can better achieve our sales goals.” – Peninsula Luggage


CityLights_03-300x200“We recent greatly increased versatility through mobile point of sale and the ability to aleviate lines due to high volume. The great thing about V9 has been the ability to manipulate the data and it has been so much easier to access. I can easily spit information straight out into Excel if I like. In that regard V9 is 1000 times easier.” – City Lights


H. Lorenzo“Retail Pro is instinctual. It feels like everything is where you would assume it would be and logical when you are approaching the system.”  H.Lorenzo


sportech“Certainly the tracking of merchandise was more visible. We can get a full cost of our inventory, see how much is coming in. It really helps keep track of the business aspect of it, as it is a business… We are not over-purchasing or under-purchasing, so I probably would have to say the benefits of having this new system easily has given us a 10% growth in the business.” – Sportech


AG Jeans“Retail Pro is a transparent system where you can create whatever reporting you may want to suit your needs.” – AG Jeans


library store“We are small, but we do a lot of business and need to know our cost of goods, be able to spread the freight, do a discount, averages, etc. If we are just using a Point of Sale to do transactions we wouldn’t have had the accuracy that we will get with Retail Pro.” – The Library Store


at ease“Sizing analytics has been very critical, especially with men [recently] wanting the trimmer fits. Retail Pro’s ability to evaluate trends and performance of every vendor has been an invaluable tool.

Even analyzing sizes between jeans and slacks, the best-selling sizes will be different and fine-tuning size trends are critical. The reports available show us what our old inventory and ‘cancers’ are so we can act accordingly.” – AT EASE

Santoni“One Step Retail Solutions was able to meet our goals by providing a system in the time frame that we needed, which gave us the ability to ring sales on Retail Pro and provide reporting through the Retail Pro Reports Module.” – Santoni Shoes

Gone Bananas“We could immediately start using it for sales reports to see what styles and vendors were selling most, as well as the ones which were selling least. This lessened markdowns and improved turnover. Season to season it’s much easier to manage inventory, which has saved us lots of money.” – Gone Bananas Beachwear