Traffic Counter

Accurate traffic counting is essential for the best evaluation of results and the maximization of your strategies and sales data.

Traffic Counter

The use of an accurate traffic counter is essential for the best evaluation of results and the maximization of your strategies. When installing the Axper Vision II traffic counter, you will eliminate most maintenance expenses over time, increasing your ROI.

Accurate traffic counting offers the ability to effectively compare sales data or other analytics with your traffic flow in order to zero in on areas of strength or weakness.

For example: sales may reflect that a campaign was not effective, whereas traffic was factually driven in to the store – increasing your ability to zero in on the true area of concern.

A traffic counter is essential to identifying and evaluating your stores traffic-patterns and flows.
You can additionally gauge personnel placement, store hours, campaign effectiveness and much more.

Traffic Counter Features:


  • Eliminates repeated entries or exits
  • Can be set to filter out staff
  • No need to remove merchandise, displays, or shelving under counting zone
  • Can be set to omit counting children, strollers or shopping carts
  • Counts the number of entrances and exits separately
  • Has the ability to count the number of adults and children separately
  • Repeat Entry/Exit are not counted, Differentiate between incoming and outgoing traffic


  • All in one device. No need for a data collector (eliminates failure points)
  • Validation of the counts from the possible recording by the camera
  • Repositioning or configuration of the camera without help from a technician
  • The camera is not affected by lighting and temperature changes


  • No special tools are needed to install the camera
  • Remote configuration, management and diagnostics
  • Communication TCP/IP
  • Powered via the network (PoE)


  • 24/7 automatic counting
  • Counting increments every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
  • Personalized data file format
  • Possibility of real time information

Vision II Traffic Counter Technical Information:

Unit Parameters Specifications
Unit Size 2.6" x 6.1" x 1.3"
Lens Options From 2.0mm to 6mm supporting height from 8 to 39 feet
Cover Plastic • Colors: white or black
Power Maximum 4.5 watts • PoE or 24 volts DC external
Weight 0.4 pounds / 0.2 kg
LEDs 3 states (red/orange/green)
Network Parameters Specifications
Cabling Category 5e
Ethernet 10/100Mb Ethernet (PoE)
IP Address DHCP or IP Static
Protocol TCPIP or DHCP
Hour Synchronization SNTP/Daytime Protocol/Proprietary
Software Upgrades TFTP


Number of Locations


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