Loss Prevention

Today you need multiple layers of security to protect your assets. We have brought together a quality, technically advanced security suite for retailers.


One Step Retail Solutions’ Loss Prevention Suite

Today you need multiple layers of security to protect your assets. With over 25 years of retail experience, we have been able to bring together a quality, technically advanced loss prevention / security suite for retailers.


Loss Prevention / Security Suite Features:

Firewall System

When you buy a Sonic Wall from One Step Retail Solutions, we configure it to be fully PCI Compliant. You also get:

  • A business class device
  • 3G failover so if your Internet ever goes down and you have a 3G wireless adapter attached to the firewall, then your Internet will stay up.
  • Content control to prevent employees from wasting time on sites like You Tube, Facebook, etc.
  • You would also be able to provide free Wi-Fi to your shoppers and a secure wireless zone for mobile applications and devices.
  • Deep packet inspection of the entire content of information coming into the business via the internet instead of just a header or title.

Video Monitoring System

Quadrox Network Video Recording (NVR) is used in hundreds of retail stores and has reduced shrinkage and increased profits for retailers. It provides you the best in:

  • Integration with your POS
  • Top-of-the-line IP Camera (Internet Protocol) resolution, enabling you to identify details potentially adequate to use in a court of law; cheap analog systems can’t.
  • Adding more cameras where other systems have a limit & have to buy a whole additional system.
  • An embedded Operating System
  • An Open System (non-proprietary) giving you greater freedom of choice
  • Standard (non-proprietary) movie format
  • Ability to detect, correct and report abnormalities within the system.

Back Up System

We recommend the services of RetailSafe (also known as Retail Backup). With RetailSafe, you get the following important features:

  • Automatic daily back-ups.
  • The back-up is verified to be complete.
  • It is double backed up and stored in two different locations.
  • It is online and offsite protecting your data from local theft and natural disasters.
  • It uses military grade encryption.
  • The backup is verified and, if it fails or partially fails, you will know about it.
  • It is the only back-up solution that specializes in retail POS systems.

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