Retail Pro Software

Retail Pro-Complete Retail Management Software Designed for Specialty Retailers.

Retail Pro 9 has it all – a feature rich front POS, Store Operations, and Back Office applications with additional in-depth Reporting and Analytics. With a user-friendly interface, powerful extensibility, and proven reliability, Retail Pro 9 has impressed even the most demanding retail brands.

Flexible User Interface

Each and every Retail Pro screen can be fully customized and designed without any programming to ensure that the screen is intuitive, relevant, and follows your business processes. All printed documents (Sales Transactions, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.) can be fully customized and designed to ensure the documents adhere to your branding. Every label, description and message in Retail Pro can be fully translated into any language or modified to your specific needs.

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Point of Sale

Retail Pro offers a seamless and user-friendly point of purchase. You will experience quick item entry utilizing bar codes, general descriptions, manual inventory look up or optional touch screen item buttons. Features include flexible customer look up using name, phone, company or miscellaneous information like store card or driver’s license.

Retail Pro safeguards and accelerates your checkout process. Key information is also automatically captured with each sale.

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Customer Management, Retention & Loyalty

Setup additional user-defined fields to track customer information such as: size, favorite color, favorite brand, birthday, etc. Determine exactly what information is required for new customers to ensure that employees are entering all relevant information into the system. For a filtered list of customers (or a customer segment), easily print labels for targeted mailings, export to Excel for further manipulation or send to e-mail marketing programs.

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Inventory Control & Management

Track inventory items across the entire product life cycle – from purchasing, to receiving, to transfers, to sales. Track merchandise movement within sub locations of the same store location (ex: from stockroom to sales floor or sales floor to display area). Setup an unlimited number of tax codes to track item-specific taxing requirements, like local and regional-based tax structures.

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Purchase Order Management & Transfers

Automatically create purchase orders based on existing stock, minimum/maximum stock levels and customer order commitments. Quickly and efficiently create purchase orders that meet vendor minimum order requirements (pre-packs). Distribute Advanced Shipping Notices to your stores to inform them of what to expect in their shipments prior to the goods meeting their destination.

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Prebuilt & Custom Reporting, Analytics & Statistics

Over 150+ prebuilt reports are available to help you run your business and make better decisions. Monitor sales activity throughout the day using graphical reports by store, vendor, employee and even hour of day for key metrics such as total sales, average sales and margin. You can also schedule reports to run automatically.

Commonly used reports (Key Performance Indicators) include:

  • Daily Sales
  • Stock-to-Sales Ratio
  • Turn
  • Days of Supply
  • Customer Returns
  • Sell Through
  • Product Conversion
  • Labor Expense
  • Transaction Counts

These reports (and more) are available to you through Retail Pro, offering you the insight it takes to effectively manage your retail operation and increase profits.

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Integrated E-Commerce

Fully integrated E-Commerce allows near real time inventory and customer data sharing with Retail Pro saving you time. Easily manage the fulfillment of web sales from picking ticket generation to shipment confirmation & tracking. Web sales automatically appear in Retail Pro as sales transactions, which can be seen in customer history.

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Employee Security, Management & Productivity

Flexible commission tracking system allows appropriate rewards for differing levels of employee productivity. Create an unlimited number of user-defined security groups that controls user access to specific areas and functions within Retail Pro. Accurately track employee sales performance by recording specific employee details for each sales transaction and optionally requiring users to logon between each transaction.

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Fully Integrated with Accounting Packages

Retail Pro 9 is fully integrated with several accounting packages, including Sage MAS 90, Sage BusinessWorks, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics GP: Accounting. Retail Pro’s Universal Accounting Link can save you valuable time and increase data accuracy between your retail and financial systems.

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