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Purchase Order Management

Accurate purchase order management goes hand-in-hand with profitability. Over and under-buying are the single most costly mistakes a retailer can make, yet they are mistakes that one can easily avoid with the right purchasing and inventory controls.

Retail Pro has a comprehensive set of purchasing and inventory control tools.

  • Automatically create purchase orders based on existing stock, minimum/maximum stock levels and customer order commitments
  • Optimize merchandise replenishment through the transfer of overstocked or low-selling items based on need or as an even distribution
  • Effectively manage your purchasing for all stores via a single ‘master’ purchase order and have those goods distributed automatically to the stores in need of stock
  • Quickly and efficiently create purchase orders that meet vendor minimum order requirements (pre-packs)
  • Prevent the ordering of specific items that have been discontinued or are out of season
  • Receive merchandise with or without referencing a purchase order
  • Distribute Advanced Shipping Notices to your stores to inform them of what to expect in their shipments prior to the goods meeting their destination
  • Print barcodes and labels as needed or as part of the receiving process





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