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Point of Sale

Retail Pro changes as you change, and is superior in managing inventory, providing fast and accurate data, analysis and reporting.


Have a point of sale system that safeguards and accelerates the checkout process and utilizes bar code scanning with key information automatically captured with each sale.

Under-rings, tag switching and simple clerical mistakes needlessly eat away at your profits. Computerized point of sale effectively reduces theft and human error, while increasing efficiency and speed.

Discount Tracking

Discount tracking capabilities help to control your profit margins and identify excessive or unnecessary discounts. Alternative pricing levels can be activated for employee purchases, preferred customers or when placing a sale.


Retail Pro supports many types of transactions, including special orders, layaways, gift registry and sales order entry for mail order and catalog sales. An E-Commerce Integration (ECI) tool allows the merging of store-based and online activity into one cohesive operation.


Generate interactive and dynamic reports from within your point of sale to improve your accuracy and increase profits.

Choose from extensive existing reports or create customized filters to get the most accurate view of your best sellers, weakest items, and strongest employees to determine operational strengths and weaknesses.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.


Software advances are consistently made available to all users in the form of upgrades. We are committed to protecting your software investment.





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