Interview with Scott Kreisberg



My whole life, even as a child, I was very organized and knew that someday I would be in charge of something. As a young boy I was taught how to manage money by my mother, and was intrigued with how to earn more. Since I learned that money didn’t grow on trees, I always did my homework and looked for the best value in what I spent. My life as an entrepreneur started in junior high school; I figured out that I could make money at school. I would stop at my local convenience store, on my way to school, and buy candy and then sell it to the other kids for a profit. You see, I learned that if I got up earlier than the other kids and did something they either didn’t want to, or didn’t think of, I could create value. These traits I carry with me and I believe that they make me the successful businessman that I am today.

I began my professional career when I worked my way through college as a retailer. After graduating from College with a double Bachelors of Science degree in Finance and Marketing, I established my company, One Step Data, in June of 1985. I consulted businesses selling them computer hardware and software that made it easier for them to run their businesses more efficiently. In 1987, after some investigation, I soon recognized that the retail POS/Inventory Control market was a niche yet to be developed for the small to medium sized retailers. I came to the realization that with my passion for retail and my knowledge of computer technology I could help many retailers. Since then my company has grown steadily year after year and has helped thousands of stores be more efficient and more profitable.

My wife Alicia joined the team in 1992 and has been involved with running the business ever since. Alicia came from the cosmetic industry and brought with her many years of retail experience.

“Our purpose is to improve how retailers run their businesses by using technology to bring about efficiencies and collect valuable information that can be used in making business decisions, and by giving each retailer personalized attention. We build our business one customer at a time.” – Scott and Alicia Kreisberg, CEO and COO, One Step Data

Today our company has over 50 dedicated employees with offices expanding across two coasts: Los Angeles, CA., Phoenix, AZ., and New York, NY.

Being keenly aware of the needs of my customers, in 2005 I realized that combining the expertise of choice businesses like my own could create a nationwide network of service providers with a vast trove of knowledge about the retail industry, and a wide array of strategic relationships that retailers need to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. To put this into effect, I founded the Retail Technology Resource Group (RTRG). RTRG is a group composed of elite companies solely focused on servicing the technology needs of retailers. The Group exists to help retailers to succeed in business through the effective use of that technology.

“I love what I do and I look forward everyday to creating new opportunities for myself and others.” – Scott Kreisberg


quotesIt is the mission of One Step Retail Solutions to help retailers worldwide flourish and prosper by providing technology solutions and professional services that help them effectively manage their customers, sales and merchandise.