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About One Step Retail Solutions

What is the difference between One Step Retail Solutions and Retail Pro?

Retail Pro International, LLC, is the manufacturer of the leading Point of Sale, Store Operations, and Back-Office software application: Retail Pro. They do not sell or deliver Retail Pro but instead use a highly specialized provider network. One Step Retail Solutions is the leading Retail Pro business partner in the US. We are responsible for selling, implementing, training and providing on-going support to specialty retailers on Retail Pro.

How long has One Step Retail Solutions been a Retail Pro Business Partner?

One Step Retail Solutions became a Retail Pro Business Partner in 1987. While installing a computer system for a retailer in Beverly Hills, who purchased the retail software application INVIS (now Retail Pro), our Founder, Scott Kreisberg investigated the need for such a system, selected Retail Pro and launched his own dealership.

Why would I buy Retail Pro from One Step Retail Solutions over another Business Partner?

One Step Retail Solutions is the most experienced Retail Pro Business Partner, with more than 27 years experience implementing Retail Pro systems. We have more than 200 years combined retail experience amongst our staff so we know retail. We have three offices across the US so that we can be there when you need us. One Step also has the most extensive Retail Pro Knowledge Base in the world allowing you to access Retail Pro help anytime you need it.

What makes One Step Retail Solutions different?

One Step Retail Solutions’ real value to you as a retailer is our expertise as technology consultants. We take the time to find out what problems you are having, what ones you want to prevent, and look at how to achieve your goals with technology. Then and only then will we be able to professionally prescribe a “best-fit” solution. Click here to watch a video of Scott Kreisberg, the CEO of One Step Retail Solutions for more information about our company.


About Retail Pro Point of Sale Software

Can Retail Pro be customized?

Yes! There is an extensive App Market for Retail Pro add-on products and if you do not find that there is an existing product to fit your needs, we can create a customization for your individual need.

Does Retail Pro have a built in Accounting System?

Retail Pro is not in itself an accounting system but what it does offer is a Universal Accounting Link to the most popular accounting packages on the market today. This link eliminates the need for manual entry into your accounting system.

Can I talk to a customer as a reference?

Yes! We can arrange for a client in a similar business or in a close proximity to talk to you about their experience with One Step Retail Solutions and Retail Pro.

What if I have a store in the US and am considering opening one in Europe?

Retail Pro is global and makes it easy to grow your business no matter where it takes you. Retail Pro is currently being used in over 52,000 retail stores in 87 countries using 18 different languages.

Does Retail Pro have a Mobile POS Application?

Yes, as with all major ancillary products, Retail Pro partners with best-in-breed applications to offer its clients top of the line leading technologies. Click here to view a webcast on mPOS, Mobile Webcast.

What if I don’t know if Retail Pro is the right system for my store?

At One Step Retail Solutions, we specialize in finding you the right system. We offer technology consultations, not sales pitches. Once we determine the best system for you, we will go through an in-depth process of reviewing Retail Pro with you to make sure that it fits all of your needs.

How do I get upgrades to Retail Pro?

Retail Pro International, Inc. invests in ongoing development of Retail Pro. As long as a client has current software assurance, they are entitled to receive updates and upgrades to the software.

How do I get help when I have a problem with my system?

One Step Retail Solutions offers many levels of support for your Retail Pro system, from unlimited support contracts to flexible time contracts and even emergency support. We have the most experienced help desk in the world and the most extensive Knowledge Base for Retail Pro. We are here to help you.

What is the biggest hurdle to installing a new Retail Management System?

Because technology forces change on people and how they do their daily tasks, people become your biggest obstacle. It is important to have willing and capable people running your Retail Pro system and a good plan in place to transition them from what they are doing now to how they will operate in Retail Pro. One Step Retail Solutions will train and guide your staff through this process.

How long after installing Retail Pro will it take to get useful information from the system?

Once you have been collecting inventory information and entering customer information for about thirty days of full time use, the Retail Pro system should be providing useful information about Inventory Control and actionable customer information.

How do I get a Technology Consultation?

There are multiple ways to contact a consultant at One Step Retail Solutions:


quotesIt is the mission of One Step Retail Solutions to help retailers worldwide flourish and prosper by providing technology solutions and professional services that help them effectively manage their customers, sales and merchandise.