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Employee Settings and Security

Controlled Access

  • Control what functions employees have access to, and what locations they can perform functions for.
  • Create tiered security rights, i.e. cashiers, managers, receivers, buyers, etc. Keep unqualified users from viewing business data you don’t want them to see, such as margins, high profile customer information, other locations, subsidiaries, etc.
  • Control which reports users can run.

PCI Security Requirements

  • You can require strong passwords and scheduled password updates to meet PCI security requirements. User can be locked out after a desired number of failed logon attempts.


  • Protect your profit margin by limiting the discount percentage that users can give.
  • Prevent employees from selling items below their cost.

Employee Management and Increased Productivity

Track Production

  • Track employee hours and determine peak production times.
  • Track individual employee sales and production.

Incentives & Increased Productivity

  • Easily track individual employee commissions.
  • Create sales targets and view individual progress.





Number of Locations


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