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Attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping one

Expectations for customer relationships are greater today than ever. Poor client service escalates your promotional costs and kills repeat business.
This point of sale solution improves customer relations by helping employees know and service customers well. It incorporates each transaction into a customer history file, creating a complete purchase history for that person. You can improve client relations through targeted promotional mailings and give them the personal attention that builds loyalty.

Retail Pro has a full suite of customer management and loyalty features, including:

  • Track an unlimited number of customers
  • Setup an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track miscellaneous info, such as size, favorite color, favorite brand, birthday, etc.
  • Determine exactly what information is required for new customers to ensure that employees are entering all relevant information into the system
  • Quick and easy access to their purchasing history allows sales reps to provide personalized service and meaningful recommendations to them
  • Use Customer Security Levels to control exactly what Personally Identifiable Information about them can be viewed and/or edited by employees
  • Integrated customer loyalty program allows for tier rewards based on customer spending, visits, profitability and other metrics
  • Segment customers for marketing campaigns based on client specific KPIs and/or purchasing metrics
  • Generate a filtered list of customers (or segment) and easily print labels for targeted mailings, export to Excel for further manipulation or send to e-mail marketing programs



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